Resin Driveways

Decorative resin surfacing is a system in which highly decorative aggregates are stuck to a floor surface (such as a driveway) by using a high-performance adhesive (the resin). The completed surface is highly decorative and very hardwearing and provides an alternative to other forms of surfacing such as asphalt, concrete or paving.

Resin bound driveway surfacing is an innovative surface treatment, with a highly decorative finish that will brighten up any area that is installed. Resin bound can be utilized in a wide range of applications from a private customer to prestige public realm contracts. This cost-effective surfacing solution has a high visual impact using a huge number of colored, recycled aggregates that can be blended and laid in patterns/designs to suit or match any clients needs. Coupled with a UV stable cold applied resin, you can be assured that the visual impact will be maintained for years to come.

Resin Bound offers a smooth yet anti-slip surface that is low maintenance, only required to be swept or power washed twice a year to maintain the visual impact and porousness of the product.